To be part of the climate change solution by creating plastics that are carbon negative, non-toxic and biodegradable, with engineered grade quality.

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Learn how we make sustainable bioplastics that are carbon negative.



We make plastics from wood, a renewable resource. Our materials are made using a closed loop system with no waste and are safe for people and the planet. The final product is biodegradable in nature, just like a piece of wood. 

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Additive Manufacturing

ABC3D is offering first products in the 3D printing filament market, with engineered grade quality bioplastics, previously unavailable. But the potential to impact other markets is big. 

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Our plastics are superior to other bioplastics in that they are stronger, non flammable, moisture and chemical resistant, break down in nature like a piece of wood and do not come from valuable agricultural land.


For the Planet

ABC3D’s materials are also carbon negative and do not contribute to climate change, but are a solution to a warming planet where plastics production is growing at a very high rate.

Path To Sustainability

We are on a path to creating a completely biodegradable, non-toxic, and carbon negative plastic that will help solve climate change and environmental issues we face today. 

Find out what makes bioplastics truly environmentally sustainable to support our mission. 

Yes, Sustainable Plastics!


Darrel Fry


Dr.  Armando McDonald

Director of Research

Gord McTeer

Director of Projects

Paul Burgener

Director of Materials Engineering