Hello Tomorrow Win

Today we received a letter from Dr. Arnaud de la Tour the founder and director of Hello Tomorrow. This is an organization supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is the world’s leading organisation accelerating science and tech entrepreneurship. Their mission, since 2011…read more.


On July 24, 2018 the British Columbia Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, Bruce Ralston came to visit us. It was great to show him our upgraded set up at our new industrial location. First we had coffee and presented the business to him and his team. Then we toured the building and showed him our process for making lignin. He said…read more.

We Moved

We’ve moved from our ground zero operations, where this wild ride began, to the metropolis of Trail, BC.. We share the building with other long time local and successful businesses, including the incredible, MIDAS Fab Lab. There is always…read more.

Our New…TGA

With our $300,000 grant from BCIC we purchased a TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) machine! This machine helps us ensure quality control while making lignin for our PLA filaments. The machine takes…read more.

Darrel Visits NRC – Boucherville

CEO Darrel Fry visited our partner lab, the Canadian Governments’, National Research Council of Canada’s, NRC (Boucherville facility). After testing the quality of our lignin for filament manufacturing, they have conclusively reported…read more.

We Were Awarded

a $300,000 Grant

After applying for the BCIC Ignite fund, we were awarded the maximum amount of $300,000. “Ignite provides funding to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies and innovations in the natural resources and applied sciences sectors in British Columbia.” With our academic partner Selkirk College…read more.