Our New…TGA550!

With some of our $300,000 grant from the BC Innovation Council we purchased a TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) machine! It helps with quality control for our process using green chemistry, while making our product for PLA 3D printing filaments. The machine takes very small samples, think, teeny tiny milligrams in your morning vitamins, so we have to be very precise with lab quality analyses.

This machine is so special it came with a visit from a TA Field Services Engineer for setup at our headquarters. The unboxing ceremony was quite elaborate, and had to be done with great care, as there is a balance inside the machine that is incredibly sensitive. We know you would be on the edge of your seat watching this, but unfortunately we didn’t make a video for you ;). However, after a day of setup and a day of training, we’re on our way!

We’re so grateful for this new addition of tools in our arsenal to make great products for people and the planet. The BCIC Ignite fund helped us purchase this equipment and it’s making a huge difference in how quickly we can get our first products, 3D printing filaments, to market.

(This is what our filaments look like with their raw original colour.)