We Moved

We Moved! We’ve moved from our ground zero operations, where this wild ride began, to the metropolis of Trail, BC.. We share the building with other long time local and successful businesses, including the incredible, MIDAS Fab Lab. There is always something fun happening when you share the same roof as MIDAS. They [...]

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Visit From the Minister

Visit From The Minister On July 24, 2018 the British Columbia Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, Bruce Ralston came to visit us. It was great to show him the upgraded setup at our new industrial location. First we had coffee and presented the business to him and his team. Then we toured the [...]

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Our New TGA

Our New...TGA550! With some of our $300,000 grant from the BC Innovation Council we purchased a TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) machine! It helps with quality control for our process using green chemistry, while making our product for PLA 3D printing filaments. The machine takes very small samples, think, teeny tiny milligrams in your morning [...]

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